Unarco Industries Rebrand

Unarco™ Industries is a leading manufacturer of durable, long-lasting shopping carts, specializing in new and remanufactured cart technology.

Unarco partnered with the Catch-22 Creative team for their rebrand initiative, looking for a new logo and fresh, personalized look for their brand. Before tackling any project, we need to identify the problem. We started by bringing together key stakeholders for a brandstorming session. Here, we uncovered how they felt about their current branding, what is important to them internally and how they wanted to be perceived externally.

After that we dove in to create a fresh logo that in its simplicity has a much deeper meaning: The arrow in the Unarco Industries logo completes the handle to the cart, and symbolizes progress, movement, and the brand’s differentiator of remanufacturing services. All this reflected Unarco Industries’ commitment to innovation and advancing towards a more sustainable, circular economy.

Unarco Industries rebranded logo
Unarco Industries brand guidelines

That new logo was not the end…it was the beginning of stage two—implementation. We took the new logo and developed a fresh graphic treatment and guidelines for the brand, culminating into a new brand manual. Executing on the new guidelines, our team extended the new look to the business set, tradeshow support, PowerPoint presentation, social media content and reimagined the existing website to incorporate the new branding elements and colors.

Unarco industries social post

The cherry on top is always when our client is pleased with how it turned out:

The new logo underscores Unarco’s ongoing commitment to innovation and quality. Thanks to my partners at Catch-22 Creative for bringing our vision to life!

Stu Accola, Senior Marketing Manager

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