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Elevating brands, products, ideas. Not only have we been doing this for well over a decade, but we’ve been doing it well, great even. We start by looking beyond the obvious, and embracing the unexpected; all while submerging ourselves in your business and learning how your customers think. Because we believe at the root of every success is a personal connection.

a creative team

When a team of strategic problem-solvers work together, groundbreaking ideas are born. Put into motion, those ideas can dramatically impact a brand, and maybe even change the world.

Here’s a little more about who we are … and, how we think.

don schauf

agency principal

Anyone can stand on a street corner and yell their message. The key is making sure the right people hear it.

-don schauf

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Nikki Wagner

nikki wagner

vice president

When it comes to a client's long-term success, the little details make a big difference.

-nikki wagner

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Emily Coplai

emily coplai

lead designer

Design is a puzzle, but there’s always a way to make the pieces fit.

-emily coplai

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Morgan Edwards

morgan edwards

graphic designer

As designers, it's our job to look at challenges as opportunities to do new things, in new ways.

-morgan edwards

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julie kinunen

julie kinunen

media planner/buyer

The most effective media planning is one part relationship, one part analysis and every part strategy.

-julie kinunen

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