Retail Space Solutions branding design and identity

Imagine shopping in a store with unruly shelves: bags are twisted and torn, rows are unevenly distributed, and some products are misplaced. With a mission to overcome these retail obstacles, Retail Space Solutions (RSS) designs and builds pusher systems for retailers who want to enhance their product displays and create a better shopping experience. It’s fitting, then, for RSS to have an organized brand look to match the benefits its products deliver. So, it turned to C-22 for help.

RSS approached C-22 to reinforce the elements of its established brand. It was looking for a brand refresh, with the goal of redefining its identity. C-22 wrote and developed RSS brand guidelines – which include the brand message hierarchy and tone of voice – and created and defined visual elements to give RSS a unique and consistent look.

C-22 then extended the new brand standards into sub-brand logos to represent the various product lines, RSS corporate collateral – from business cards to presentation templates – as well as new product sell sheets and print and digital ads.

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