3 Advantages to Choosing a Trusted Agency Partner

Can’t fill the roles? Fill the holes with a trusted agency partner. Having an agency partner who you can rely on as an extension of your marketing department or to fill in when needed is both cost-effective and beneficial to your business and its success. An agency can work alongside an internal marketing team to offer expertise and experience, support any in-house personnel and keep short- and long-term projects moving. Here are 3 key advantages to working with an agency partner.

Access to a Broader Range of Talent

Depending on current project loads, your business may need the ongoing talents of many different marketing professionals such as copywriters, graphic designers, animators, SEO experts, social media specialists and much more. When a company chooses to work with an agency partner, they can have access to all of these roles (and more). An agency team can work alongside an internal marketing department to set a strategic marketing plan and work towards established KPIs. From infancy to completion, over days, months, quarters or years, an agency partner can keep timelines moving and take on projects big and small with ease.

Take a full rebrand for example, at Catch-22 Creative, we have helped clients such as Unarco Industries, Trade Fixtures and CornerStone One brandstorm, design, refine, apply and fully implement new branding including a brand logo, fonts, colors, brand guidelines and more.

Scalability When You Need it

In many industries, work can ebb and flow. For internal marketing teams, this can lead to days where it feels you can’t keep your head above water. When partnering with an agency, clients have an established relationship with a trusted partner they can rely on when needed. An agency partner like Catch-22 Creative works with clients for both long-term projects (such as social media plans or website redesigns) and short-term, project-based initiatives (such as sell sheets for a trade show).


testimonial copy: The Vanguard brand has been taken to new levels because of the expertise Catch 22 has provided. -Chris Davison, Vanguard

A Fresh, External Perspective

Outside perspectives can uncover insights that an internal team may not have considered. Experience and expertise can enable an external agency partner to offer a fresh set of eyes and strategic direction when it comes to new product launches, social media campaigns, website redesigns and more. The right agency partner dives into your products or services to get to know every minute detail, develops a deep understanding of the language your target audience responds to and communicates your solutions effectively to help generate success.

An agency partner like Catch-22 Creative can work with brands when and how it fits best for them. Our experienced team gives clients access to a wealth of knowledge in strategy, copywriting, graphic design, social media and beyond. When choosing to work with C-22, it can lead to greater success for the brand they manage and a more obtainable task list for them to achieve. Learn more about working with our team by contacting us or view our previous work here.


About the Author: 
Nikki Wagner is President and Partner of C-22 and has been with the company for 19 years. Throughout her time with the agency, Nikki has managed day-to-day operations, provided outstanding marketing strategies and spearheaded client relationships for the continued success and growth of the agency.



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