selling with confidence

nline training (Have we lost you yet? Stick with us.) has the potential of being one of the single most beneficial sales tools that you could offer your team (Have we hooked you yet?).

It’s a platform for all of your products, services and sales techniques to be highlighted and broken down into short, digestible, interactive experiences… “Interactive” being the key word.

You may have experienced less-than-exciting online trainings before. That’s why C-22 takes a different approach, utilizing animation, excitement and, again, interactive elements to teach sales associates about key selling points and product features. Because of that, our clients have found our online training programs to be one of the best ways to invest in their long-term success.

What do we mean?

people sell what they know

The most important thing about any training is making sure the right information is introduced in the right way. That’s why – before we begin developing any training program – we make sure we know each product or service like we developed it ourselves. Which, in turn, ensures that participants who complete each course can say the same thing.

When people have deep knowledge about something, they’re more confident in talking about it, suggesting it and selling it. And, when customers sense the bona-fide confidence that’s demonstrated by knowledgeable professionals, they’re more likely to believe what’s being said. In other words, when customers trust more, they buy more.

numbers don’t lie

How can we be so sure that more knowledge leads to more sales? TimeTrade System Inc. surveyed 1,087 U.S. consumers to study the effect of a sales associate’s knowledge on the customers’ buying decisions. The results showed that 90% of customers were more likely to buy when helped by a knowledgeable associate.

Based on these studies, it’s safe to say that online training programs are effective when it comes to boosting sales. In fact, a study conducted by the Wharton School of Business showed that sales associates who completed at least one online training module sold 46% more on average compared to those who didn’t.

entertaining and educational

Effective online training programs engage in a way that goes beyond a passive learning experience. Participants become fully immersed in the product, idea or brand through multiple facets. Animation, narration, video and sound effects all work together to create an exciting, interactive experience that puts the typical bulleted list to shame. 

Each 5- to 15-minute course features content that’s succinct, thought-provoking and carefully designed to prevent professionals from feeling like they’re being lectured. Successful training modules provide clear direction, holding the participant’s attention from start to finish. In the end, well-designed online trainings deliver key tools that sales associates can take from the classroom to the sales floor. 

positive returns on investment

Online training is a cost-effective tool that fosters deeper knowledge, increased confidence and genuine trust. This all leads to one thing: more sales. And, let’s be honest, that’s what matters most to your bottom line. Though some online trainings can be an investment, the rewards you reap can be tenfold. It’s easy to see the return on investment if you start to break it down.

For example, let’s say you train 2,000 or even 200 sales associates. If every one of those 200 associates sells just one more mid-level product than they otherwise would have, how much profit would that add up to? We’re willing to bet it’s more than your initial investment. Now, imagine if each of those 200 associates sells 2 of those products? Or 3? You get the idea.

Online training has the potential of being one of the single most beneficial sales tools that you could offer your team (Have we hooked you yet?).

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