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Online training is an efficient way to spread the word to the appropriate audience. Whatever the word is. When a business has an exciting new product or sales initiative, one of the fastest and most effective ways to inform your targeted audience is through online training. And by partnering with an agency like C-22, you get attractive, engaging, easy-to-navigate online training courses that stand out from the rest.

Proper online training should be informative and engaging even when communicating complex information. Trainings can be used as an extension of your brand, so it’s crucial they follow your brand guidelines as well. Whether it’s a one-off training module or a multi-module training track, our team can write, design and launch A+ trainings for B2B brands.

See our online training work.

Our online training capabilities include:

  • technical writing
  • script writing
  • storyboarding
  • copyediting
  • training design
  • course promotion
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