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3i Solutions makes the impossible possible using science-based methods and technology that’s ahead of its time. They needed a website that represented them & told their story. 3i Solutions enlisted the help of Catch-22 Creative to create a new website that communicated its revolutionary products in an updated, eye-catching way.

A key part of creating this website was research. The C-22 team loves a challenge, so we dove in to learn all about bioavailability, aqueous dispersion technology, water-insoluble nutrients and the various technologies that make up 3i Solutions. Don’t worry, we wore our safety glasses.

From there, our team of writers developed careful, concise copy explaining different 3i Solutions technologies, industries, applications and more in a way that was easy to understand yet informative. Keyword research allowed our team to choose competitive search terms to improve the site’s overall SEO and move up in rankings over time.

Design came next. We applied visual elements from previous product demonstration videos to develop an updated look and feel that was eye-catching while establishing the 3i Solutions brand standards. Bubble-like elements were used throughout, and icons were designed and implemented to add more visuals to the explanatory copy on the website.

This new site is modern, visually appealing and places emphasis on 3i Solutions’ KPIs while driving awareness. The new site will elevate the 3i brand, build trust and authority with its audiences and attract new customers.

See additional examples of our website work.

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