Zoomlion NA – Website

Zoomlion is well-phased in breaking ground. So, when this construction equipment manufacturer expanded its brand distribution to include Zoomlion North America (NA), it needed to establish itself in the U.S. market. Zoomlion NA trusted the team at Catch-22 Creative to create a website that followed the international parent company’s brand standards while still differentiating itself.

Our team began by analyzing the parent company website and existing style guide to understand the current branding. After brainstorming and holding strategy sessions with our client contact, we got to work on the new 19-page website.

Next came the design. Our design team needed to give Zoomlion NA its own look and feel, while adhering to existing guidelines. We created layouts utilizing the green accent color and subtle diagonals from Zoomlion while making Zoomlion NA stand out on its own. Meanwhile, our copy team performed keyword research to identify relevant industry keywords. This step was important to ensure the new site could rank and be found through search engines. Once identified, the website copy utilized these keywords while positioning Zoomlion NA as an expert in their field. See how our strategy, copy and design elements came together to create an attractive new website for Zoomlion NA.

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