the challenge

InSinkErator® is a recognized and trusted name across the plumbing industry and has been for more than 85 years. To keep its brand fresh and to excite younger plumbers about its products and unmatched service, InSinkErator turned to Catch-22 Creative to design, produce, and implement a nationwide brand awareness campaign targeting plumbers, reaching these pros where they work and play.

Our goal was to raise top-of-mind awareness of InSinkErator and the benefits it offers this audience of professionals. In doing so, our client would establish and amplify a direct line of communication with this growing group of pros to establish an ongoing relationship and, over time, increase loyalty.

the approach

The C-22 team developed and executed a 9-month long campaign using a methodology that resonated with this professional audience. We executed qualitative research speaking with plumbers to ensure our strategy and messaging hit home with those who mattered most. Our findings led us to focus our messaging on ease of product selection, purchase, and installation, along with relatability and relevancy.

Our thoughtful strategy led our target audience through the marketing funnel from brand awareness to interest to conversion. To execute this campaign, we held a stylized video and photoshoot that showcased a pro at work. A strategic media mix of display ads, social media ad campaigns, YouTube ad campaigns, and radio ads placed on Spotify guided our target audience to a dedicated campaign landing page where they could learn more about InSinkErator Pro Products.

As the campaign ran, an interactive dashboard was created with stats and key findings to share with the InSinkErator team. We used these findings to make shifts and adjustments to create better ROI and finetune impressions.

Dramatic, eye-catching lifestyle photos were captured to drive and set the tone of the campaign.
Creating the best results by A/B testing creative, messaging and CTA:


Listen to the audio ad:



The Results

Meeting goals is cool…exceeding them is better. Through extensive A/B testing and placement adjustments, InSinkErator was able to get in front of the right people at the right time. At launch, the team anticipated 5 million impressions and a 0.15% click-through rate (CTR) for 7,500 landing page visits. Our campaign recap for InSinkErator showed more than 8.4 million impressions and a 0.28% CTR producing nearly 23,000 landing page visits—three times our goal.


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