the challenge

People sell what they know. That’s why at C-22 we believe so strongly in online product training and why we create the courses to be quick, effective and entertaining.

It’s a simple fact: in increasingly competitive markets, the products most familiar to front-line salespeople are the ones that they typically bring out first. A combination of familiarity and priority is exactly the result C-22 client Broan was looking for when it asked us to develop and produce an online training course to help launch its new line of DC-powered bathroom fans.

Through the short, interactive, animated training course, enrollees gain belief in product features and benefits, view tutorials on how to install the fans and discover how to target the right customers. But this product training – unlike others we’ve produced for the global leader in home ventilation products – had a twist.

Because Flex DC™ models were the first Broan fans to operate with DC motor technology, we were not only charged with introducing the new Flex DC line; this program also needed to deliver education on DC power. That also meant we needed to “go to school” ourselves and quickly get up to speed on DC motors and how they benefit our trainees and their customers. We did just that.

the results

Among all enrollees in the Flex DC online training course, the average completion rate is 94%.


We’ve also received rave reviews about the course from participants:

I very much liked the way the information was presented. It was clear and precise. It made it easy to see why this product is effective.
Great module showing the benefits of these Broan products. This will definitely help me better inform my customers.
The Flex DC fan seems to be a great product that I believe will sell very well with my customers.
This presentation was one of the best ones I have seen. Good job.

the bottom line

Online product training prepares the people selling Broan products with the tools and information they need to succeed, keeps Broan products top of mind, and helps them become problem solvers for their customers. We find that the people who take the courses are more confident in the field because of the higher level of product knowledge they’ve achieved. That confidence is evident, and it helps them to earn the trust of their customers. That trust translates into increased sales.


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