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What's in a name? A lot. Especially in the case of PointOne Recruiting Solutions, a title and look that was hatched in the C-22 studios.

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When asked to develop the new name and logo for an established talent recruiting firm in Racine, we started from the inside and worked out. We talked openly with members of the staff and interviewed their clients to gauge the firm's presence in the market. We took what we learned and blended that with our expertise to develop a name and visual brand identity that accurately represents where they wanted to go. That all led us to PointOne, and that was just the start!

brand developmentbrand development
The approach used by C-22 to create our new brand was very impressive. They gathered our staff in a roundtable discussion to get a true understanding of who we were and who we wanted to be, and then developed a strategy to help us get there. The resulting brand not only reflects our vision, but it has contributed to significant growth in our business at PointOne.
Scott Petersen, President

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