a monday morning at C-22

To say the least, Monday mornings are unique for us. The day begins, as it always does, with coffee poured directly into stylish & functional C-22 YETI insulated tumblers. Of course, Nikki is already hard at work in her office long before 8AM, preparing everything for the week ahead. After 2 hours or so of graphic designing and writing, the weekly team meeting kicks off in our conference room, affectionately called “The Tank”. But, this isn’t your typical weekly status meeting. It starts with lattes all around (and, if we’re lucky, a few Mexican pastries from a nearby grocery store). After a weekly pep talk from our fearless leader Don, we dive right into the status of every project and every account. While we have a projector to help us stay on task, it’s just as likely to be used by Don to show photos and videos of his granddaughter (at least for a little while). Once we get going, we really get going. We share ideas & thoughts on work in progress, collaborate on creative strategies and make preparations for everything coming in the near future. By the time we’ve worked through everything, it’s time for lunch.

And that’s just the morning.

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