the challenge

As the global leader in food waste disposers and instant hot water dispensers, InSinkErator® has a sales presence in regions all over the globe. Communicating product launches and general information with an audience that broad – given time zones and distance – can at best be considered a challenge. Add to that the composition of the audience, which is everyone from professional plumbers to wholesale reps to kitchen designers and showroom sales staff, and the challenge is even greater.

Realizing the success experienced through past “one-off” online training initiatives, InSinkErator® turned to C-22 for help in developing and rolling out a new global online training portal, which became known as the InSinkErator® eLearning Center.

the approach

Kitchens with InSinkErator® products installed are typically cleaner and fresher. In keeping with that theme, C-22 developed a fresh, clean look for the new InSinkErator® eLearning Center, which included the name, look and feel of the global portal. That clean look was also extended to promotional materials designed to create interest in this new resource.

As great as all that looked, it was the actual development of the courses on the eLearning Center that gave us the chance to really show our stuff.

We know that professionals consider their time to be one of their most valuable assets. Understanding there is a reluctance to “give up” a portion of their time for online training sessions, the top priority was in presenting content that was immediately useful in helping them boost their bottom lines. Courses include everything from basic product knowledge to deeper technical studies.

Through the use of animated characters and a conversational tone of voice, this useful information is packaged to entertain as well as educate. The result is a useful tool, accessible in multiple languages, 24 hours a day, anywhere on the globe.

InSinkErator eLearning Site

the results

To date, the eLearning Center has 14,500 enrollees, more than 9,800 of whom have completed available courses. Here’s what that could mean to the bottom line: if each of those 9,800 learners added just $200 more in InSinkErator® sales each year, incremental sales would increase by nearly $2 million.

Participates have given glowing feedback:

Probably the best training method I have used. The use of video, audio and animation is the key. The information was very informative and kept it simple but complete. A+
It was very nice to see exactly how the disposer works; it makes it easier to explain to homeowners. These cute short training sessions help a lot; keep it up!
I didn't know much about this product but after reviewing the slides and taking the quiz, I learned so much in such little time. This was really helpful.
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