the benefits of a smaller agency

We get it. When it comes time to select a marketing agency partner, there are many agencies to consider, both big and small. But trust us, there are plenty of benefits to working with a smaller agency like C-22.

Here are the top 4:
1. Nimbleness
Just as small boats turn more quickly in the water than large ships, smaller agencies are able to quickly adjust to your needs. Typically, internal processes at smaller agencies are streamlined, which ensures efficiency and timely delivery.

2. Access to Talent
When working with a smaller agency, your work won’t be handed over to a first-year assistant account coordinator. Smaller staff size ensures access to experienced talent, no matter the scope of a project.

3. Strong Relationships
Smaller agencies have smaller client rosters. Because of that, your account is special and it receives the special attention you deserve. You get to know the people working on your account, and they get to know you.

4. Fun & Personal
At a small agency, you aren’t just a name on a client list: you’re special. Let’s use C-22 as an example: We are deeply invested in our clients, whose products become our products, whose challenges become our challenges, and whose wins become ours, too.

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